Online Backup and Cloud Storage

Online Backup & Online Storage Aren’t the same:

  • Online Backup: designed to permanently save of data, for occasional access (for restore) purpose, e.g. CrashPlan, Carbonite, etc.
  • Online Storage: designed to facilitate regular access, via web, mobile apps, and desktop app that quite often integrated into your operating system; e.g. Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, SugerSync etc.

A must-read for choosing online backup:

Recommended service:

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Convert Images to Text & PDF to Doc

Nuance PDF Reader is an online conversion service which converts PDF files to docs. However one very unique thing about it is that it offers Optical Character Recognition (OCR), where image-based text is rendered into editable text. And according to some test report, the quality of the OCR was very good.

Great URL shortening and tracking services

All of the service below have custom URL options:

  • : Private stats; deep, social media analysis for both short and long URL, multiple links to same long URL, or different  long URLs via same short URL based on geographic locations,browser button.
  •  preview of URL with page thumbnail, list of URLs, graphic statistics with google map of visitor locations, no browser button
  •  browser button,  no log-in statistics via “<ShortURL>~“, see long URL via “<ShortURL>=“, can filter traffic, add/delete, comment URL when login.
  • browser button, cannot delete/change link,  no log-in statistics via “<ShortURL>+
  • or :  ethical free service;  no log-in review of URLs & drill down statistics via “<ShortenURL>-” , no browser button.

The following services only shorten URL but not tracking them:

40 Useful and Creative Infographics

This is really cool:  40 Useful and Creative Infographics

Email Reminder Service:

Here is a very nice email reminder service:

All you need is a name and email address to sign up. Once done, you can use the reminder service either on-site at, or directly from your email program (without going to the site).

If you use it on site, you’d be able to schedule recurring reminders, and even attach files/images to your reminders.

While the above two features are not available if you schedule reminder, directly from your email, it is still useful and easy enough:

  • Create an email using the address you sign-up LetterMeLatter service with.
  • Address the email to (literally, use “ME@”).
  • Put the recipients, and time to send at the top of the message, like the following (to and when are required, other are optional):
    • to:  address1; address2
    • cc:  recipient(s)
    • bcc: recipeints(s) separate by “;” or “,”
    • when: date(s) , e.g. :  10 min,  5hours, 2pm,  3pm PDT, next friday,  tomorrow 5:10 am,  20101225, 0830
  • You will receive an email notification of failed or success scheduling (unless you explicitly turned it off).
  • You can add multiple email addresses to the account so that scheduling can be sent from all of them.

Full detailed instruction with nice screen-shots:

How to email text message to cell phones of different service providers

Email a text massage to someone’s phone could be lot faster/easier if you are around your computer, but you’d need to know the exact server address of different phone’s service providers to do that!

I have always wanted a complete at-a-glance list of such info and now finally find it — thanks to!

Here it is:

For example:

  • Verizon: (10digit phone#)
  • T-Mobile: (10digit phone#)
  • AT&T: (10digit phone#)


A great Feel-Good video

A fun and moving video about how positive words changes people: