Email Reminder Service:

Here is a very nice email reminder service:

All you need is a name and email address to sign up. Once done, you can use the reminder service either on-site at, or directly from your email program (without going to the site).

If you use it on site, you’d be able to schedule recurring reminders, and even attach files/images to your reminders.

While the above two features are not available if you schedule reminder, directly from your email, it is still useful and easy enough:

  • Create an email using the address you sign-up LetterMeLatter service with.
  • Address the email to (literally, use “ME@”).
  • Put the recipients, and time to send at the top of the message, like the following (to and when are required, other are optional):
    • to:  address1; address2
    • cc:  recipient(s)
    • bcc: recipeints(s) separate by “;” or “,”
    • when: date(s) , e.g. :  10 min,  5hours, 2pm,  3pm PDT, next friday,  tomorrow 5:10 am,  20101225, 0830
  • You will receive an email notification of failed or success scheduling (unless you explicitly turned it off).
  • You can add multiple email addresses to the account so that scheduling can be sent from all of them.

Full detailed instruction with nice screen-shots:


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