Great URL shortening and tracking services

All of the service below have custom URL options:

  • : Private stats; deep, social media analysis for both short and long URL, multiple links to same long URL, or different  long URLs via same short URL based on geographic locations,browser button.
  •  preview of URL with page thumbnail, list of URLs, graphic statistics with google map of visitor locations, no browser button
  •  browser button,  no log-in statistics via “<ShortURL>~“, see long URL via “<ShortURL>=“, can filter traffic, add/delete, comment URL when login.
  • browser button, cannot delete/change link,  no log-in statistics via “<ShortURL>+
  • or :  ethical free service;  no log-in review of URLs & drill down statistics via “<ShortenURL>-” , no browser button.

The following services only shorten URL but not tracking them: