Email Reminder Service:

Here is a very nice email reminder service:

All you need is a name and email address to sign up. Once done, you can use the reminder service either on-site at, or directly from your email program (without going to the site).

If you use it on site, you’d be able to schedule recurring reminders, and even attach files/images to your reminders.

While the above two features are not available if you schedule reminder, directly from your email, it is still useful and easy enough:

  • Create an email using the address you sign-up LetterMeLatter service with.
  • Address the email to (literally, use “ME@”).
  • Put the recipients, and time to send at the top of the message, like the following (to and when are required, other are optional):
    • to:  address1; address2
    • cc:  recipient(s)
    • bcc: recipeints(s) separate by “;” or “,”
    • when: date(s) , e.g. :  10 min,  5hours, 2pm,  3pm PDT, next friday,  tomorrow 5:10 am,  20101225, 0830
  • You will receive an email notification of failed or success scheduling (unless you explicitly turned it off).
  • You can add multiple email addresses to the account so that scheduling can be sent from all of them.

Full detailed instruction with nice screen-shots:


iWantSandy: The Email Reminder Service

Update again (2010.12.03): sound like a good replacement. 🙂

Update: Too bad this service is no longer available. If any of you know of a similar service, I’d be really happy to hear about it.

The original note below is kept only for the purpose of serving as reference when looking for alternative services — on what functionalities are desired.


iWantSandy is among the best (Email) Reminder Services that I found so far.

Signup at, you will receive a welcome message that contains your own personal Sandy-email address. Then you can email to or cc to that special address as if you were writing to a real person, give remind/remember instructions on email body or subject line like the examples below. (When you cc Sandy on a message, begin any message you want Sandy’s attention with “Sandy, remind/remember…”). In turn, you will get reminded through email or text-message at your specified time or, if not specified, 15 minutes before the scheduled time or 7am on the day of the event.

Examples of instruct Sandy, your virtual “personal assistant”:

  • Remind me to move my car in 10 minutes
  • Remind me about my Yoga class on Tuesday, 8-9am @weekly
  • Remember Patricia Jenter, 503-555-1212 @momsgroup
  • Remind us to call Mom on her birthday on 9/16/07 @yearly @birthday
  • Remind me to call Susan at 555-1212 during my commute at 7:30am @sms
  • Remember to replace the back-porch lightbulb @todo @reply
  • Remember Pat’s wife’s name is Christine
  • Remind me I have a Marketing meeting on 3/14 at 1-2pm
  • Remember update project waterfall @todo, @”project x”
  • Remember Susan Wu @school
  • List Example: Remember groceries * eggs * butter * cheese

Sandy understands these tags automatically: todo, done, daily, bidaily, weekends, weekdays, weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, yearly, biyearly. Meanwhile, Sandy treats everything you put behind the “@” sign on your instruction to her your customized “tags”, and can organize your reminders accordingly.

Specify exactly when you’d like a reminder sent:

  • Remember my marketing meeting at 4pm tomorrow @reminder at 2pm tomorrow.
  • Remind me to stop by the store at 6pm @reminder 30 minutes before.
  • Remind me to pick up a card for Susan’s birthday on Monday @reminder tomorrow afternoon @birthday.

Add or remove things from a list: ” update +* cheese”, or “update -* milk “.

Examples of update the current occurrence of a repeating event: “update tomorrow”; “update #1 4-6pm”; or “update #1 @done”. Examples of update all future occurrences of a repeating event: “update tomorrow @weekly”, “update #1 4-6pm @monthly”, “update #1 @done @daily”.

Forget (delete) something: “forget”, “forget #1,4”, “forget @weekly”, “forget #1 @monthly”.

Look something up:

  • lookup Frank
  • lookup appointments
  • lookup this week’s to-dos

Sandy understands all common expression of time, e.g.: Date ranges (May 14-16; 10/14-10/22), Time ranges (1-4pm; 8am-5pm), even Time zones (4pm Europe/London; 5/1 7am PDT-2pm EDT; noon GMT+10).

Need an entire message/email to be send to you at specified time? Just forward the message to Sandy and add a reminder to the subject or body of the message like: “Sandy, remind me to follow up on Richard’s question in 4 days”,or “Subject: Remind me in 2 days re: Whatever the original message subject”.

Sandy - your free personal email assistant

Get help, email Sandy with the word “help”.