Next time you want to research on something…

Before jump to google, try the following places first — you may be able to find higher quality stuff easier:


When you need inspiration for something

  1. Meditate
  2. Search on the web and see how other people, particularly professionals, do similar things. Key words for search: <your topic>, profile, sample, template, … etc.

For example, if you need some inspiration on logo design, here are 10 great sources to browse through: top-sources-logo-design-inspiration

49 Ideas For Awesome Lense @ Squidoo is a good place for creating single page websites and share your knowledge about special topics.

Each page is called a “lense” there, and you can create unlimited number of lenses under your account.

Here is an article (or rather, a squidoo lense) which made suggestions on what could be good subjects to write about at squidoo:

In fact I think a lot of them are quite good subjects to write about in BLOGs too.